Look Within

Are your limiting beliefs and past conditioning hindering your experience of happiness, inner peace, and contentment?

Do you want lasting happiness, inner peace, and contentment to be part of your daily living experience?

If yes, then I offer 10  simple, proven daily habits that when adopted into your daily life will ensure this lasting happiness, inner peace, and contentment  that we all desire, or even crave!’

Gerry’s book provides an accessible path to living a happier and more meaningful life through practical daily recommendations (habits) that seek to elevate our mindfulness and de-mystify spirituality. Highly Recommend!” – Jacqui Gabor, Wellness Practitioner, Brisbane, Australia.

Gerry “Ged” Gleeson

Gerry is passionate about his simple message for us to harness the determination and courage required to understand and accept the ways that our limiting self-beliefs and conditioning continuously hinders our experience of lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment. In generously sharing his own practices and daily habits in this book, Gerry encourages the reader to embrace and to develop their own daily practice, and hence to subsequently move towards living a more authentic, joyful & contented life, and to be guided by the ‘whispers of their own heart’” – Ms. Moira Leonard –  Adelaide, South Australia

Gerry, your book is different from many of the books that I have read on this subject of how to live a good & joyful life. Yours is a book full of simple easy-to-follow advice on how to have a more peaceful, happy and contented life. After reading your excellent book I am now far more aware of how easy that really is.

Mr. B Lowe
Sunshine Coast,
Queensland, Australia

The greatest enemy in life is the Self, and the greatest weakness in life is lack of Awareness – Buddha.

It is the personal responsibility of each of us to regularly take the time to sit alone, walk on a beach, walk in nature, to just be alone somewhere, and in that silent, relaxed space and time to think long and hard on such a powerful statement. It is a universal fact of life that we can be and often are our very own worst enemy, particularly in how we think, speak and act. We are all universally guilty of this, whether we be a world leader or the hotel janitor. We can be our own worst enemy. If we are unable to be totally honest with our self and accept such a proposition, then we will naturally continue to make the same mistakes in life again and again. Why would anything change?

That is why I was compelled to write this book. We as individuals searching for the ‘how’ to be happy and to have inner peace and contentment in our lives, must understand and accept that the first step on this journey, and it cannot be avoided, is to examine how and what we THINK! It is our thinking that controls our behaviour – the outcomes in our lives. Subsequently, if you are not happy with the current outcomes in your life, then the starting point for changing that is changing how you think. When you Change your Thinking – You Change your Life.

In this book I give you 10 simple proven daily habits, that when adopted into your life will set you on the path to manifesting lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment into your daily living.