There are some very tried and tested age/old Rules that we need to adopt into our lives, into our THINKING and behaviour, if we want a better world for ourselves and for our love one’s. Let me just explain here just THREE of the indisputable facts/Rules that we must adopt into our daily living as the first Steps to manifesting a Better Way to Live.

Rule No.1

DAILY, count your blessings!

Once you are aware on a deep level, on your soul level, how valuable you are and how much you have to be grateful for every day, the smiles will return, the sun will shine again, music will play, and you will move forward, as you must, but this time with the awareness that you are living the life your Creator intended for you, with strength, grace, courage and confidence. Trust me. When you realise and accept that the small things like being able to Breath & Move freely, being able to See, Speak & Hear clearly, Touch & Feel, are all precious ‘gifts’ that we need to acknowledge and be grateful for on a daily basis, then you immediately change your mind-set (your THINKING) which changes the way you live.

Things in your external world may not change overnight, if that is what you are looking for, e.g. a job that you may not like, a relationship that you are not happy with, a health issue, trouble with your motor vehicle, etc, or whatever it might be, but unless we are being 100% honest with our Self and begin to acknowledge on a daily basis the many small ‘gifts’ that we have in our lives in the present, today, then do not expect those external matters in your life to change for the better, long-term.

Zig Ziglar made this famous quote many years ago and it is appropriate that each of us THINK deeply and honestly on this, and how it applies in our current living circumstance. The quote is this: ‘If you always do as you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got’.

Let me summarise the meaning of this for those who may not fully understand it’s meaning. If you keep doing the same things (i.e. THINKING the same way) every day, as you have been up until now, then nothing will change in your life. Why would it! And that is what the book which I wrote is all about, to demonstrate to you the daily habits, if adopted into your daily life will assist you to slowly change how & what you THINK, which in turn will change your behaviour and offer you a better way to live.

Rule No. 2

Today, and every day, deliver more than you are getting paid to do. It is an old proven saying:  ‘One of the secrets of success in life is to put out more than is expected of you in everything that you do!’. So, the trick is to make yourself so valuable in whatever it is that you choose to do in life (remember it is your choice), that eventually you will become indispensable. Go the extra mile, standout in the crowd, be unique don’t compete, be authentic, and enjoy all the subsequent rewards that WILL eventually flow to you, both internally (emotional) and externally (money, etc).

Be gentle with yourself, do not have immediate expectations, do not make judgements, and give up that nagging need to always know why(??) things happen as they do in your life. It is great wisdom/awareness to accept things as they are!  Have the courage to make those choices that you need to make, accept what you cannot change, and have the wisdom to know the difference. Most of all, choose to live your life in the present moment and appreciate each day of your life for what it is – a precious ‘gift’!

Accept on that deep level, on your soul level, that your life is a precious ‘gift’ given to you each and every day by your Creator. When you arrive at that point in your life where you wake each day and arise from your bed with the unwavering belief that this is true, without question, then you will smile to yourself as you whisper Thank You, and you will then be aware that you have moved to a better way to live! This happens for me every day!

Rule No. 3


Whenever you make a mistake or get knocked down by life, hit a roadblock, stumble, etc, do NOT look back or dwell on it for too long. Mistakes are life’s way of teaching us a lesson. When traditional school (lessons) are/is over and done with and you move into the work force (the ‘real’ world), life lessons continue for us all. We cannot avoid them, and our occasional blunders/stumbles are inseparable from our capacity to reach our goals/dreams. No one wins all the time!  We all have failures, I too have had many, and when they happen it is just part of growth. The lesson here is to not quit! We do not keep looking in the rear-view mirror when we are driving our motor vehicle, so why keep looking back at mistakes, etc, when at the steering wheel of our life! Just learn to ‘Let Go’ and move forward, as we must!

Too many grapple with mistakes and emotionally tend to beat themselves up for it. They do not learn the lesson and sadly, they do not change their THINKING, their behaviour, or their beliefs. Hence, as Zig Ziglar explains, they continue doing as they have always done, but they expect a different outcome! Unfortunately, life does NOT work like that. We make a mistake, we pause, we THINK about what has happened, accept it as a mistake, analyse the right way forward (learn from the lesson), and we then LET-IT-GO and we move on!

Regardless of what we do with our mistakes, life goes on. At the end of the book which I have written, I wrote just that. I said that after many years on this planet I could sum up in just those three words what I have learnt about life, at the end of the day regardless of what we as individuals do or say about life, IT GOES ON. Remember that.

THINK about the significance of what I have just written here for more than a few moments. Regardless of what you or I do in life, the mistakes we make, etc, life on planet earth goes on! The moral of the story here is to not to get ‘hung-up’ on the small stuff. We just need to take the time to THINK – LET GO – MOVE ON.

There is a lot more on all of this in my book: LOOK WITHIN – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life