You will have read in my very first Blog on this website of how passionate I am about the power, the ‘inner power’, that DAILY Gratitude Journaling has for each of us! But this will only happen when we as individuals become aware of this! In order to Change Your Thinking, which in turn will Change Your Life, you need to become aware, accept, and adopt into our DAILY living this simple but extremely important, vital in fact, personal daily habit! Gratitude Journaling is non-negotiable if you desire or crave lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment in YOUR daily living!

Sadly, for many this simple daily practice will appear far too simplistic. Too easy. There must be more to it than just writing in a Journal, some will say! Learning to express gratitude in this way, i.e. becoming aware of how the ‘inner power’ of such a proven daily practice helps to subtly build and develop ‘spiritual muscle’, is but a simple life changing exercise that each of us can and should undertake! It is THE first step to awaken your Spirit. Regardless of what you may think right at this moment, be assured that we are ALL made up of three components; Body, Mind & Spirit! There are no exceptions, but for those who at this point in time are unaware of this universal truth! There is zero financial cost involved in this daily exercise once you have purchased your Gratitude Journal, and it requires only 10-15 minutes of your day to write in that Journal 5 things that you are grateful for, DAILY. That’s it! Simple! Easy! Extremely rewarding, once you have committed to doing it daily and the practice has developed into a habit! Being grateful for  simply ‘waking-up’ each morning and still having a ‘pulse’ is always a good starting point for your daily writings!

It is during this lead-up time right now, for a new year approaching, that one should take the time to think deeply about making an early ‘new year’ resolution, one that you may have never considered until this very moment. i.e. to purchase a 2020 Gratitude Journal and make the following commitment: ‘In 2020 I will take this first small step to Change My Life, by DAILY writing in a Gratitude Journal!

Q: What will YOU gain by adopting this practice?
Ans: You will have developed the first habit for building ‘spiritual muscle’ in order for your life to slowly and subtly change, thereby allowing you to live the life that you want!

Believe me, I KNOW, I do not just believe, but KNOW, that if you start writing 5 things into that Journal daily commencing on 1st January 2020, and you DO IT every day up to and including 31st January 2020, then you will have developed a Habit that you will not want to stop practicing, DAILY!  I KNOW that!

Q: How do I know that?
Ans: because that is exactly what I have been doing every day since 1st January 2014, and for which I now WANT to do every day, because of the changes that subtly (not forced) have manifested into my DAILY living and my THINKING, ever since!

These positive changes have manifested for myself not through any outside changes e.g. change of life partner, or change of job/career, or change of where I live, or change of an exercise routine, etc, but have manifested simply by a Change of Thinking. Focusing DAILY on what I have in my life to be Grateful for, and not focusing on what I do not have or on what others may have but that I don’t have in my life. This changed thinking has had a massive positive impact on my daily living experiences. And all of this has simply been the result of this DAILY habit of writing in a Gratitude Journal! The principle here is: Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life. This has/does work for me, and it WILL work for you too. Why wouldn’t it! You just need to have faith, believe that it will happen, Trust in the process, and Act! i.e. DO IT!

As I have already explained above, I know that there will be those who will choose to believe that this idea (proven idea!) is just far too simplistic for them to accept, and that it can and does assist to change one’s life. Their argument will be that it cannot be that easy and so they will not try. Simply, their ego will remain in control at the steering wheel of their life! Purchase a 2020 Gratitude Journal, take a leap of faith and remember that famous quote from Zig Ziglar: “If you always do as You have always done, then You will always get what You have always got”. In other words, if you do not learn and practice the art/skill of being grateful DAILY by writing in a Gratitude Journal, you will never manifest lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment into your life! This may sound a little harsh, but as we all know, the TRUTH is sometimes hard to deal with but deal with it we MUST if we desire change in our daily living!

Another quote that you may like to pause and reflect on at this appropriate moment is this: I know that in each moment I am free to decide”. – (Author Unknown). Therefore, as you are well aware, YOU are now free to decide whether you desire real change in YOUR precious life in 2020 and beyond, or do you choose to just go along with all the other new year resolutions that you have made in the past, to simply watch them dissolve/slip away by the end of January or February, as they have done in previous years??

‘Gratitude Journaling’ is non-negotiable for real, lasting change!

Know it, or simply continue to have your life bounce around like a small boat in a turbulent, rough ocean!