It is vital that we all become aware of how important it is for each us to daily create the habit of spending some time sitting quietly alone, and in silence, to express gratitude for our day. Grateful that we have woken up to a new day, or grateful that we have finished another day of life on this magnificent planet.

Unfortunately, this is something that far too many of us tend to just take for granted, we just accept life itself is a ‘given’. We take it as normal that we will just wake-up each day, go to work or whatever it is that we do each day, and then at the end of that day, come home, go to sleep, and just wake-up again to another day. Should we not learn to take a few minutes each day to be grateful for this precious gift? The ‘precious gift’ of life itself.

Let me just give you a small sample of some of the many ‘gifts’ that we  enjoy each day and for which many of us rarely, if ever, take a few minutes to sit alone in silence at the start or end of the day to whisper these two most powerful words: Thank You. The very first ‘precious gift’ that we should say Thank You for each day is the fact that we woke up and that we can still Breath & Move freely. Be honest here, is it not the case that most of us simply take this act of being able to breath, get out of bed and move freely, as just being normal, a ‘given’? It will just automatically keep happening for us daily, right?  Wrong!

When you wake each morning there will be many on this planet who will NOT have awakened breathing and moving freely as you have been privileged to do. There will be those who have passed away due to road accidents, drug overdoses, war crimes, medical operations that were not successful, old age, sudden heart attacks, murders, etc. You get the picture now!

Therefore, simply waking up with a pulse is THE very first ‘gift’ that each of us should be grateful for. Do not simply take it for granted! You have been given another ‘precious gift’, the gift of life itself. Is that not worth a moment to pause and whisper those two powerful words again, Thank You!

The next ‘precious gifts’ that we should all pause and be grateful for are the fact that you can See, Speak and Hear clearly. Again, are they not ‘gifts’ worth pausing for a moment to whisper Thank You.  Thank you for being able to See, a ‘gift’ that any sight impaired person would love to have. Similarly, to be able to Speak and Hear clearly are truly precious ‘gifts’ that we may take for granted, until such time as they may be taken from us.

Maybe one can be grateful that they are NOT a patient in the cancer or spinal wards of their local hospital. Sometimes our general good health is just another of the many ‘precious gifts’ that we simply take for granted every day, until it is taken from us.

So, STOP for a few minutes when you finish reading this article, and just sit and THINK about what small ‘precious gifts’ you are possibly taking for granted right now in YOUR precious life! It is about being honest with yourself and taking that little bit of time to LOOK WITHIN.

As a friend of mine just expressed to me a few minutes ago – “If we are born in, or get to live in, one of many Western democracies like for example here in Australia, then daily we should consider ourselves as having won the lottery!” I could not agree more. Just living in a great country like Australia is a blessing that one should be grateful for EVERY DAY. And I AM. There are many other countries in the world where that same rule can/should apply!

Learning to become GRATEFUL daily and being aware of how important that is to each of us, regardless of our own personal circumstances, is an empowering way to live and there is no financial cost involved in being grateful, because it’s an inside job! We can all find something to be grateful for, no matter how small. And always remember, no matter your circumstances, there is ALWAYS someone, somewhere in the world, worse off than you are. Believe it!

Much more on this subject in my book.