“All that you need is deep ‘within’ you waiting to unfold and reveal itself. All that you have to do is to be still and take time to seek for what is there ‘within’ you, and you will surely find it” – (Eileen Caddy)

Is this not a massive problem with many people in today’s ‘social media’ dominated world?

It is so often true that the greatest enemy in our life, is our very own Self. And that dear friends is why we must learn, why it is vitally important critical in fact, for both our physical and mental health, that we find the time preferably daily, to be still, to sit in silence, to be present, and to allow the powerful messages that live deep ‘within’ each of us to resonate and to bloom! If you do not find this time, then the result will always be continued suffering, and you will never manifest lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment in your precious life. The choice is yours, and yours alone!

Please, STOP for a few minutes and think deeply about what you have just read! Do not think about the messenger, but rather the message, as this maybe a life changing (lightbulb) moment in your life right here, right now, if you just STOP and think deeply for a few minutes on what you have read in the previous paragraph! The wisdom that I am sharing with you here is that from wonderful spiritual warriors who have gone before us including Buddha, who once said: ‘The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness’. It is only when we are disciplined and persistent in seeking this precious time each day to be still, silent and present, that we will ‘wake up’ and be aware of what really matters in life.

So many in this ‘social media’ obsessed world are constantly searching for immediate answers/solutions to many of the problems/difficulties that they may be experiencing in life, here in the present. They may well find some type of short-term solution, but generally many of the solutions are just that, offering short term gain only, with the result that it may develop into longer term pain. Most of our demons or long-term problems start and live inside our head, in what and how we THINK!

Hence, I have written and recently had published a book titled:
LOOK WITHIN – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

Apart from the struggles of achieving that which supports our daily subsistence, e.g. feeding our family, paying our bills, etc our problems generally exist in our mind, and it is ONLY when we find the time daily to be still, to sit in silence, and to be present in that moment, can we find clarity and resolution. For it is there, and only there, that we will awaken to the solutions for what it is that is troubling us. However, in this ‘social media’ mad world many think that by continuously searching on social media that they will discover easy answers. They are unaware, have not awakened to the universal truth, that the answers can only come from ‘within’ themselves! Accepting and understanding this critical life skill requires courage, honesty, self-discipline, dedication, daily practice, and above all TIME!

All spiritual warriors/mentors/life coaches, etc know that anything worth having or discovering about life requires patience and persistence. It is the same if you want to be a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot, or whatever. You do not get to that point without spending considerable time doing the required/necessary internal work/learning. It is the same for anything that we desire for our life. Over time, I have personally discovered after considerable research 10 simple, proven habits, that if adopted into ones life on a daily basis, can and will ensure the lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment that everyone desires from life, or maybe even craves, with the emphasis here on lasting!

Hence, I wrote and published that: LOOK WITHIN – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. It is in this book that I reveal and elaborate on these 10 daily habits that will see positive change happen in your life, but NOT instantaneously. There is no immediate gratification to be had, other than the fact that having this book in your hands you would then have the means with which to change your life. Simply by learning how to change your thinking and understanding and accepting that by changing your thinking you WILL change your life. But it does take a little time.

Change can be confronting and challenging, and therefore the change that will happen depends very much on you opening your heart, having courage, and being dedicated to do the ‘inner work’ required.

As I said at the commencement of this blog, ‘The Greatest Weakness is Lack of Awareness’. This blog, my earlier blogs, this website, the book that I wrote, they are all designed with the intention of encouraging and supporting those who desire positive change in their life, but who also realise and accept as a universal truth that a belief of ‘instant gratification’ in such circumstances, will not suffice. Anything worth having requires some effort. Positive change is no exception.