‘KNOW that moment by moment you are free to decide’

When you KNOW, rather than just BELIEVE this statement, you are free to choose. If, however your thoughts are apprehensive, doubtful, uncertain, or fearful then that is what will show up. These emotions are the enemy of KNOWING.

Now pause for a few moments and really THINK about what you have just read in these few short sentences above, remembering that this is what my published book is about: if we change our THINKING, we change our life, which is critical for creating A Better Way to Live. If you want to have freedom in your daily living, then you must KNOW that you have that capacity deep ‘within’ you to manifest such an outcome, moment by moment. When you KNOW on that deep inner level that in each moment of your life each of us has that capacity to consciously choose, then you are free. But you must KNOW this, not just vaguely BELIEVE it!

My book: LOOK WITHIN – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life offers the reader a series of easy to follow practical steps to this greater self-awareness, that they can adopt into their daily living in their quest for inner peace and contentment. And as Buddha once said: The Greatest Weakness in Life is Lack of Awareness.

We continuously make two choices all day, every day. Our choices are either conscious, or sub-conscious choices. A simple example of a sub-conscious choice is that of breathing. We do not think about having to constantly take a breath, we just do it automatically, sub-consciously. Whereas if we consciously chose not to take a breath or to continue breathing, then it would not be too long before we would pass-out/die!  You do not just believe this to be the case, you KNOW, you have no doubt, that this would be the ultimate result.

On the other hand, a simple example of a conscious choice would be that I choose to get out of bed and go to work today, even though I may not want to go. That is a conscious choice, something we thought about and made a conscious decision about, and we KNOW that if we choose to stay in bed and not bother going to work then there are ramifications for that. We don’t just believe this, we KNOW that there will be ramifications, depending on our personal situation. However, it is still a choice that we freely make. No one has held a gun at our head and forced us to choose either way, we freely make that choice – stay in bed, or go to work. We KNOW and not simply believe that there are consequences associated with the choice we now make.

Often it is our Beliefs that restrict us because there can be doubt attached to those Beliefs. For example, the wonderful Dr Wayne Dyer once said in a YouTube video that: “there is a difference between KNOWING about God and KNOWING God”. This was a light bulb moment for me, when I later spent some quiet time and thought deeply on this statement. He went on to explain that simply Knowing about God is a BELIEF, whereas KNOWING God is to KNOW. With a Belief there is some doubt. Your not sure. For example, many have heard of and Know something about God/Spirit/Source or whatever label you like to put on it, but they are not sure about having a Higher Self. They may not fully believe that each of us has this Higher Self. Whereas when you have learnt and raised your level of self-awareness and you experience it, then you absolutely KNOW God, not just Know about God. You have forever raised your level of awareness, and you are empowered to experience a Better Way to Live!

The enemy of your Higher or Spiritual Self, as I have explained in detail in my book, is the Ego. The Ego is that which enhances our physical self and is often the dominate power in our daily living. It drives us on our physical level to strive to be better than others, to acquire more material wealth, to work on our appearance to look better, etc and is simply relentless in its demands on us. If we allow the Ego to constrain and/or to control our lives, then suffering is the inevitable result. The Ego also does not like change, spiritual awareness, or inner growth. Therefore, our freedom to live moment by moment and experience true bliss and abundant happiness in our daily lives is dependent on our willingness to understand and accept the need to become aware!        


When you KNOW that this statement is true, that is inner POWER!

And no one put it more succinctly than that amazing Chinese sage Lao Tzu with the following quote:

Those who KNOW do not speak.

Those who speak do not KNOW.

I highly recommend that you note down this quote, carry it with you, and over the days/weeks ahead THINK deeply on what it means. When you KNOW what Lao Tzu meant when he wrote these words of wisdom some hundreds of years ago, you will feel a ‘shift up’ in your level of awareness. Change Your Thinking – Change Your Life.