“Like Ged’s constant reinforcement of a simple but powerful message. Be grateful everyday for the gifts we are given and adopt a positive mindset. Take time out of our apparent busy lives and concentrate on what really is important, our spiritual well-being. Filling in the gratitude journal forces us to write down our gratitude feelings and embeds in our mind the title of the book. Look Within . Change your thinking change your life.”
Michael Mc Kenzie

February 11, 2020

“Look Within is a must read for all people who want to embark on their journey of self awareness. For me personally, Ged’s publication reinforced the need to practice the principles within the book as part of a daily routine. It’s the persistent focus on the daily habits that I have found brings about the change.”

Ian Bridger

December 13, 2019

“Excellent book. Love the idea of daily habits that when adopted into my life will change how I think. This book come into my life just at the right time. I have started the first step by purchasing a blank paged book which I am using as a gratitude journal and filling it out each day of the five things that I am grateful for. In a week I can feel a shift in my thinking and I am grateful for such an outcome.”

Anne Wright

August 5, 2019

“Gerry is an enlightened soul. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars searching for answers. The key to your happiness cannot be found outside yourself. It comes from within. All the answers you need are in this book.Great work Gerry. Love and Light”

Jan Waldron

January 11, 2020

“When I first picked up Ged’s book “LOOK WITHIN”, I imagined that I would be reading a religious-type book; but I was totally mistaken, getting to the stage where I found that putting the book down, was quite difficult. Ged has expressed the inner feelings and thoughts that are necessary for a life of contentment and inner bliss with much compassion and spirituality. Yes, I have already adopted some of Ged’s daily habits…primarily the extremely powerful morning prayer found on page 113 of the Book, which I recite to myself each and every morning. Thank you Ged for opening my mind further to the inner peace which we all seek, but seldom find without such powerful reading.”

Joe Debattista

August 25, 2019

“Really enjoyed the book. So readable and in laypersons ‘terms. Gerry has succinctly captured the essence of the elements of human happiness and has laid out a simple roadmap for those wanting greater fulfilment in life in 200 or so pages. He draws on the affirmations and teachings of Buddha.

If you don’t want to seek better understanding of what it takes to be a better person don’t pick up the book. Gerry makes the point if we are genuinely looking for greater meaning in our lives there is no magic potion, but with effort, and a series of small steps, with a goal of enriching our lives, we can bring a change in thinking and understanding that will make us better people.

He lays out a number of daily habits we can invoke to effect these changes. Being aware of one’s environment and having a willingness to want to improve and discover the true richness of life (rather than be captive to illusionary and transitory material gains), is fundamental to an appreciation of what really matters.

The key message is change will only occur we look within. No else can effect change but ourselves. I would recommend a re-reading of the book and regular referral to the key points that are constantly reinforced if we are fair dinkum in wanting to open our minds to proven ideas in the search for inner peace and contentment.”

Michael Mc Kenzie

August 1, 2019

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