You may well have heard the term: “patience is a virtue”. And yes, it is true. Patience is the way to act at all times and it is considered the most powerful, as well as the most difficult, spiritual practice. When we are patient, especially when confronted with a challenging situation or a demanding individual, we experience the benefit of not allowing our emotions to slip into that evil state of anger. We maintain control of our rational thoughts and do not let them jump around all over the place like a monkey does in its cage!

When we develop the skill, and it is a skill, to be always patient and in control of our thoughts, it is at such times that we perform at our very best. There is no evil so dangerous as anger, and no practice more powerful than patience. Try thinking of angry as a time where you  drink poison hoping that the person that you are angry with becomes violently ill or dies! Whereas in reality the only person ultimately harmed ‘internally’ by such anger is yourself.

Patience has been referred to as the ‘companion of wisdom’. And patience is a form of action. To be aware that you are being patient enables you to act with control of your thoughts and with care. Being in control of your emotions and thoughts is the very important ‘inner’ work that you are required to do in any given moment.

Patience could also be referred to as ‘egoless wisdom’. To be patient, we let go of the ego mind and place our trust in our Higher Power that all is fine and we are at peace with the action that we are taking because of our deep belief, faith and trust in the outcome to be perfect, as perfectly designed by that Higher Power. The wise among us see things as they are rather than trying to control them. When you are patient you are aware of the benefits that come from progressing one step at a time. Regardless of what you are confronted with, remember that inch by inch it’s a cinch! One step at a time, always moving forward. If we fall down, we get up, we move forward again, one step at a time. No anger. We learn to let go of hurried thoughts and anxiety. Patience is a virtue! Do not expect too much. Be patient with whatever you are doing, and advance one step at a time! The secret to patience really is the acceptance and trust that the outcome, however that may manifest, is in perfect accordance with God’s Master Plan for us. When we fully understand and accept this we can confidently turn our attention to whatever it is that occupies our daily life. Always!

Whereas ‘impatience’ is a failure to believe and trust in this universal intelligence and implies that the dreaded Ego is in control! And as we know the ego wants what it wants, and it wants it now! We become impatient because of our expectations and demands of how we think things should evolve, which may not be in accordance with our Higher Powers ‘Master Plan’. To avoid becoming impatient in any situation confronting you, simply breath, and whisper to yourself that you will ‘Let Go and Let God’ handle the situation for you. Ask for God to takeover, let go, and then trust that the outcome, whatever that might be, is in accordance with that Master Plan

Now if you are having difficulties with accepting what I am describing here, there is much more on this very point, in fact a whole chapter on God having our Master Plan in my book: LOOK WITHIN – Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. In this book you will discover 10 simple, proven habits that when adopted into your life will enable you to manifest into your everyday living the lasting happiness, inner peace and contentment that we all so desire, or even crave. But you will need to understand the power of being patient, hence this blog. Changing one’s thinking, which ultimately changes one’s behaviour, does not happen overnight. That is why the free bi-monthly Newsletter is an intricate part of this important process.