‘The past is nothing more than the trail that I have left behind, what drives my life today is the energy that I generate in each of my present moments’ (Oscar Wilde)

This is one of THE most important piece that you will ever be blessed to have come across in your entire life. Not necessarily THE most important, but certainly a vital and powerful set of words. However, having said that, if you just read it once or twice and then simply forget about it or file it away somewhere and persist with your current way of ‘thinking’, without spending precious quality time thinking deeply on the importance and power of such words of wisdom, then you will have missed a massive opportunity to ‘change’ how you think about life, and subsequently bypass the lasting happiness, inner peace & contentment that we all so desperately seek.

It is for that very reason that it is also important at this point to recall another very important quote, being that of Zig Ziglar: ‘If you always do as you have always done, then you will always get what you have always got’. In other words, if you continue to ‘think’ about life as you have always thought and acted, then you will always end up with the same outcomes as you have experienced in the past. If you do not change how you ‘think’ and act, why should anything change! Common sense will tell you that! The only thing you have total responsibility for and control over, meaning what you can change, is how and what you ‘think’, and how you act.

This brings us to the subject of: The Past. It does not matter how hard you may like and want to try but you cannot change your past. No one can change their past, and that is fine! The problem for many though is that they carry much of their past with them for years and years, rather than realising and accepting the joy/benefits of learning from that past, even if that past was only some minutes/hours/ days/ weeks/ months/years ago it is still in the past, and you MUST let-it-go and live in the ‘present’. The ‘present moment’ is all that any of us have.

In reality, no one lives anywhere but in the present. And therein lies the problem that far too many of us have. We tend to spend so much of our time struggling/suffering, because we are ‘thinking’ about either the past or the future and we forget to ‘live’ in the present, today! And life is NOT about just existing or going through the motions in the present, life is meant to be lived in the present.

That is why, firstly as individuals, we must learn to ‘let go’ of our past i.e. that which we cannot change, and live our life in the present. To assist with this process focus your attention on what you must be grateful for right now, today. For example, if you are reading this passage it means that you are alive! Is that alone not something to think about right now, in the present! You have a pulse! Cemeteries all over the world are full of those who no longer have a pulse! Furthermore, think about similar ‘precious gifts’ that you no doubt probably have in your life right now, in the present. Gifts such as being able to move freely, being able to see, speak and hear clearly, touch and feel. You know something, it is a scientific fact that if you are always grateful for something in your present, then it is impossible to be negative!

Living in the past is where your demons exist, and to slay those demons you simply MUST let them go. They cannot have any bearing on your present day living unless you keep revisiting them! They cannot harm you if you let them go. Focus on your present, be grateful daily for something no matter how small. I write in some detail in my book the empowerment that comes to one when they daily write in a Gratitude Journal at least five things that they are grateful for. Focusing on such an activity, each day, ensures that one is living and appreciating the ‘present’, and therefore not allowing their focus to wander off into the past or to some distance future. This is not to say that one should not set personal goals, have dreams, etc but rather than trying to live back with the past or in the distant future, let go of past thinking and activities so as to appreciate and focus on the benefits of living in the now. The present.

The past is just that trail that you have left behind, what drives your life today is the energy that you generate in each of your present moments right now. Today!  I suggest that write down or type-up Oscar Wilde’s quote from the start of this piece numerous times and place it where you can read it many times throughout the coming days/weeks/months until you fully grasp and appreciate the importance and significance of such a powerful set of words, and the positive impact that it WILL have on your precious life should you adopt the lifeblood of these powerful words into your daily living. Furthermore, remember the power of the words that I used in the sub-title of my book: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. It is all in how we think!

‘The past is a place of reference not a place of residence. The past is a place of learning, not a place of living’. (Roy T Bennett)